International Education

School District 48 Sea to Sky International Student Program

The International Student Program allows students from around the world to study and learn alongside Canadian students of the same age. The program encourages cultural awareness and international understanding by bringing students together and enabling them to experience similar social and academic opportunities.

We are located 30 minutes north of Vancouver and stretch from the North Shore of Vancouver up the east side of Howe Sound to Squamish, the gateway to BC’s magnificent alpine country of forests, lakes, and year round world class outdoor activities. Our communities include Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.

The Sea to Sky region is considered a very desirable place to live. Families are well educated, English speaking, and the communities are some of the safest in Canada. People choose Sea to Sky for the many lifestyle opportunities it has to offer. Families are active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Please click here for a look at the District’s brochure on International Education.

We offer a number of programs for International Students:

Academic Graduation Program
The academic graduation program is considered one of the best academic programs in the province.

Academic Year or Semester Abroad
The Academic Year or Semester Abroad is a popular choice for students wanting a cultural year or semester abroad.

Sea to Sky Homestay Program
We know that the most critical part of our student’s study abroad experience is their life in their new Canadian home. We manage our own homestay program and homestay families are carefully selected and provide a loving, comfortable home environment.

Sea to Sky Activities Program
The Sea to Sky International Student Program offers students a number of special activities and excursions throughout the school year.