Physical and Health Education


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With the strong and experienced team of Pete Train, Kevin Titus, and Georgina Titus, the PE department continues to provide Whistler Secondary students with a good, fun, rewarding, and well-rounded program taught with varying teaching styles and methodology.  Some classes emphasize experiential and self-discovery learning, with most classes incorporating Assessment for Learning (AFL) strategies.

As a department, we utilize as many resources available to us outside of school to augment and enhance our program.  We use facilities and amenities like Meadow Park Sports Center and the Valley Trail System to offer students variety and opportunities.  Classes participate in weight training programs at MPSC with professional trainers.  In addition, some classes participate in indoor climbing at The Core, and through Backcountry Outdoor Experiences and Whistler Sailing Club, some classes participate in sailing and canoeing.  Classes have participated in biathlon at Whistler Olympic Park.  In providing students with experiences such as these, they are being taught by experts in the field and experience opportunities outside the traditional classroom, as well as taking full advantage of what our community has to offer.

Sports and activities in our program may include the following:
Games: Striking & fielding games, Invasion games (soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, ultimate Frisbee, rugby, cricket, hand ball, lacrosse, floor hockey, etc…), minor games, cooperative games, tag games, target games, team building games, inventing games, striking and fielding games.
Individual or Dual: Wrestling, boxing, weight training, indoor climbing.
Gymnastics: Gymnastics & tumbling.
Dance & Movement, Creative Movement: Dance, tumbling, parkour.
Active Living & Fitness: Swimming, canoeing, sailing, snowshoeing, running, circuit training, weight training, daily physical fitness in warm-up, fitness testing.
Personal & Social Responsibility: Daily participation assessment, leadership opportunities to lead lessons and classes, discussion and instruction in safety, etiquette, fair play, and improvisation of games & sports,  appropriate social behaviors, and cooperation.

Through the generosity of our PAC and Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, we have purchased equipment to enhance our programs:  Tumbling mats, slack line, target games, fitness and exercise equipment (body balls, bosu balls), boxing speed bag, etc…

Many of our classes have peer tutors assisting in classes.  This number has grown throughout the years and more and more students are keen to peer-tutor in PE.  They see it as a fun and productive opportunity to give back while obtaining credits towards graduation.  Our classes are all the better for it.