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Student Forum 2013 results

1. What do you value at Whistler Secondary? 

Semestered system (changes routine)                             4 classes per day              Access to computers

Art program        Online courses                                        Plays, fashion shows       Long lunches

Nice break (winter/spring break)                                       No dictatorships             Vast electives/choices

Talent freedom       Friendly environment                       Gym is open to students during lunchtime

Pizza day                   Friendship                                               Good, nutritious lunches

Education friendly teachers                                                 No uniforms required

Outdoor ed               Unique learning opportunities       Small classes

Rich curriculum     Teachers are education friendly    Art decorations

Teachers have good relationships with classes              Informative public speakers

Unique sport selections, good equipment                        Community school – people know each other

2. What is working well at Whistler Secondary?

Lighting’s fantastic                                                     Assemblies, Guest speakers                  Pro D days

Teachers try to help if you don’t get it              Class block schedule things good

Lunch program                                                           Free food in the office

New laptops are useful                                             Different events Halloween, fashion show talent show etc.

Chairs are good                                                           School trips                                                   Art, electives good selection

Classes working well                                                 Vending machines                                      Smart boards

Plenty of space                                                           Plenty of chairs                                            Sports programs

New Microwaves work well                                   Programs in general run well

Bell schedule classes are a good length

Lunch is a good length                                            Teachers are good

Library book selection is decent                        Library workers are nice

Nice field welcomes the bears                              Art around the school is welcoming

Atmosphere                                                                 Education

Food                                                                               Cancer society